50 anni, 1967 - 2017


Descrição do Produto

Belt-driven rodless electric axis with a V-Lock interface.
The structure features an extremely lightweight yet high-strength anodised aluminium extruded profile.
The typical V-Lock dovetail is obtained at the base of the extruded body ensures easy installation using QS elements; at both sides there are grooves for the installation of the fixing bracket of the (optional) proximity switch that detects the position of the slide.
The slide is moved by means of the polyurethane toothed belt with steel cables.
The parabolic profile of the belt tooth combines with the anti-friction nylon coating to enhance efficiency, reduce the level of noise and vibration from transmission gears.
The slide interface is characterised by the V-Lock profile complete with M5 threaded holes, pinholes and key seats, which guarantees numerous fixing options.
Two different variants of the in-line guiding system are available: the version Medium uses casters running along hardened and tempered steel guides with double-row ball bearings running along the specific H&T steel rail; the version Heavy, high-efficiency, consists of a guiding system with a rail and ball recirculation pads.
Different motor drives are available, both BRUSHLESS and STEPPING, with optional motor brake and/or built-in encoder.
The versions with a BRUSHLESS motor can be equipped with a speed gearbox.
The electric axis is also available without motor drive or, on request, with modules for interfacing with motors from the trade.
The motors can be installed on all the four hubs of the heads; the position can be changed at any time without requiring any additional operation.
A conversion kit for the installation of the gantry system starting from a single axis is also available.